This page consists of pictures of an XH steering box and the front end steering linkage taken by Bob Morris of the Monte Carlo mailing list. The text is by him also.


  Here's a pic of the method I used to checked the amount of pitman arm
movement with 1/4 turn to left and 1/4 turn to right of center to see if the
ratios of the XH and YA were the same. The XH box on the left has the G
pitman arm installed on it and the stock YA has the F arm on it. Notice there
was only 1/16" difference it travel and would have been the same if both had
the same arms installed.


This one shows using an in/lb torque wrench to check over
center preload on my original YA box.

  A pic of several hundred dollars, all Moog linkage, the XH with the G arm,
Global rod sleeves and the rebuilt intermediate shaft. Will install the
linkage and make a trip to the alignment shop, hopefully next week. The box
and shaft are in the car now.

This is a shot from under the car to show how close the tie rod come to the
frame on a right turn when the F piman arm is used with the original stock
steering linkage. I believe that this tie rod would rub the frame if the F
piman was used with the new Moog parts as the Moog rod ends are 1/8" thicker
than the stock ends.

This is a pic of the difference between a new and original lower 1/2. Notice
the metal in the clamp area, the original was cast and a lot heavier, the new
one is steel and is bent to form the clamp. You must buy a new bolt with the
new shaft as it has more threads on it.


SS8.jpg (38913 bytes)

    Here's a pic of the wheels. I'm running four 245/50X16 BFG VR4. Installed
the XH box which stopped the tires from rubbing at full left and right turns.
In the rear the right rear tire just touches the frame on hard cornering, the
left rear is good, must be due to the rear offset, NOT a serious problem.
I've got all Global parts, front and rear arms, springs, Koni's, ect and got
a slight rub spot in the top of the front inner well from going a little
quick on the back country roads, Pa roads are far from being flat or
straight. With 16'' tires there are many more tire options than with the
17'', and priced more reasonably. Can't see how a car with 275/45X17 tires
and a 2'' drop can't have lots of tire rub in front if cornered hard. I could
be wrong though.

Thanks for the pics, Bob. Page created 12/28/00