Some Borrowed pics of the Monte List lineup in the rain. Pics taken by Andreas and Paul C. from the NMCOA 2000 convention.


NMCOA_lineup.jpg (31650 bytes)

Here is the line up in the rain. It decided to pour down rain and have a little thunder and lightning action just to make it interesting. This parking lot would have been perfect for a little slalom action :)


itsraining.jpg (52835 bytes)

Here is a shot take while we were trying to set up the picture. Matt and Paul C. look like they are getting pretty wet. We may have to separate by generations or find an arraingement that allows everyone to be seen.


leftsideview.jpg (62078 bytes)

Here is a closer look at the left side of the lineup.


rightsideview.jpg (58261 bytes)

Here is a closer view of the right side of the lineup. The 1970 Monte belongs to a friend of mine, Tony Ortiz. He doesn't officially subscribe to the list, but I try to keep him informed about topics that interest him.


Myenginecomp.jpg (95444 bytes)

Andreas took this great picture (quality) of my engine. Thanks, Andreas! As it turns out, I didn't take any pics of my car and it only shows up by accident with pics of Derek A's. car. Oh well, better luck next year :)


Monteatindy.jpg (85801 bytes)

Here you can see Derek's crazy eyes on his SS. Looks mean! We ended up next to each other by accident. I should have entered in the modified class, but I didn't find out about it until later.



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