Rodneys 1970 Catalina


Here are some pics of a friend of mines car. He has owned it for quite a while and it is very sharp. He wanted some better wheels and tires, so we wondered about the Impala SS wheels. The GM big cars have the same bolt pattern, so, they just bolted on. No clearance problems at all. The tires are the new B. F. Goodrich KDW's and they are very nice. With spring, sway bars and poly bushings in front, this car handles way better than 5000 pounds should :)


rodneyscaringarage.jpg (88078 bytes)

rodspontrearleft.jpg (90120 bytes)

rodspontsideshota.jpg (46042 bytes)

rodspontylookdownside.jpg (70909 bytes)

I like this last shot. You can really see how the 255/50-17 Z-rated tires on the 17" x 8.5" rims fit the car. The interior shots are in his garage, which he so graciously allows me to use at my disposal. Many thanks, Rod :)