Specification Page:


385 cubic inches of displacement (no substitute!).

1978 "010" four bolt main block casting. Bored to 4.040" at this point.

SCAT cast 383 crankshaft. Balanced with reciprocating assy.

GM "X" rods. ARP bolts. Resized and trimmed to use with stroker crank.

Speed Pro flat top hypereutectic pistons. 10.7 with the 62 cc chambers.

Summit high pressure oil pump with welded pickup (lost one once!).

Double roller timing chain.

Comp Cam XHR-270 roller cam and lifters. 218/224 dur. .492"/.502" lift. 110 ICL.

Crane Energizer 1.5 ratio roller rockers.

AFR 195 street heads. Aluminum with CNC ported intake, exhaust, and 62cc chambers.

Edelbrock Victor Series aluminum water pump.

Edelbrock Pro Flo Fuel Injection system. (currently using 24# SVO injectors).

Late style 140 amp alternator.

Accel 300+ CD ignition and plug wires.

AC Rapidfire spark plugs.

Mobil 1 synthetic oil.

Dual snorkel air cleaner made from two LG4 housings with cold air ducting (prototypes).

Edelbrock Tubular Exhaust System.

Walker Dynomax 2.25" cat-back exhaust system.

Camaro style aluminum radiator (spec:1989 Z-28, 5.7, AC, Auto).

Electric radiator fans from a 1999 Dodge Intrepid (fit amazingly well!)


Transmission: Built by Skeeter Built Transmissions

1987 200-4R CR-F on the tag.

Hardened stator support.

Pro Built rebuild kit.

Trans Go shift kit modified by Pro Built. www.pro-built.net

Extra wide second gear band.

Superior Super Servo second gear apply piston.

Precision Industries Vigilante converter-rated 2800 stall-get more like 3500!

Manual converter lock up control (for now).

Mobil 1 synthetic transmission fluid.

B&M Super Cooler in front of radiator (after cooler in radiator).

Dennys Driveshafts drive shaft-guaranteed unbreakable!


Front Suspension:

UB Machine tubular upper control arms with nylon bushings and screw in ball joints.

Spindles from a 1978 Camaro ('78 and earlier use a smaller outer bearing-watch out!).

Moog 5658 579 lb/in springs to lower the front end about an inch and a half.

'78 Camaro 11" rotors.

'78 Camaro calipers and pads.

New www.CVsteering.com '80's Camaro GM steering box. Only $275! Very nice!

P.S.T 1 1/8" sway bar with poly bushings and end links.

P.S.T Polygraphite bushings in the lower control arms (temporary).

Bilstein shock absorbers.


The "bigger" brake upgrade was performed in Jan, 2001. I didn't want to pay the large price of the aftermarket upper control arms, so a little research netted a place called www.ubmachine.com that had arms in their catalog for $48 a piece! After some phone conversations, they would build me two arms to my specifications. The upper ball joint is originally specified for late '60s full size Chryslers and is a screw-in type. The stud in the joint is larger than the GM, so UB Machine re-reamed the spindle holes to match (for $15 each). The Chrysler upper joint is as large as the GM lower one! I also had them put nylon bushings in, instead of the metal on metal the circle trackers use. They are greasable and should last a long time with regular maintenance.

So far, the results have been fantastic. The resulting, negative camber curve (about 1 degree per inch from ride height to bump) really helps the car hug the road. I was using Monte SS spec springs (420 lb/in), so the increase in spring rate let me use a smaller front sway bar, with a better ride. Even with solid bushings in both upper and lower arms, the ride is still very nice, but very controlled and smooth. The LS really likes to cruise at 80+ mph on the highway now and is ridiculously easy to drive it!

The increase in braking power is the best part. I didn't think the 11" rotors would be that big of an increase, but some math showed that they have almost 30% more swept area (each!) than the stock 10.5" rotors do. The brakes really feel powerful now, whereas before, a lot of planning was required for most fast stops!


Rear End:

Stock 7 1/2" housing from a 1981 Monte Carlo.

Auburn cone type limited slip.

Richmond gears- 3.42 ratio (noisy as usual).

Mobil 1 gear oil.

Stock axles (kinda afraid to look at them after all the miles and torque!).

Stock brakes.

3/4" square tubing lower control arm stiffeners. (resulted in a 1.767 60 foot time!).

1" Suspension Techniques rear sway bar.

Bilstein shock absorbers.

Brace running between the ends of the frame rails just in front of the rear bumper.



So far, I have been able to make a best run of 12.545 @ 107.6 mph with this combo and the Vigilante converter installed.

Very reliable package and I drive it everyday. The AC works great and has been converted to 134a. The car looks stock from the outside, and it looks like a "granny" car. No wonder nobody wants to race :(


Updated 03/24/2001