Picture of the interior of my Monte LS.



InteriorofMonte.jpg (66424 bytes)

This pic shows the LS interior that looks more like an SS, but wihout

a center console of course! The steering wheel is out of an older Camaro.

I always liked this style, so for $20....  The B&M Megashifter has

worked great for about 4 years now. Takes a bit of getting used to

and is always good for a laugh watching somebody try to figure

out how the darn thing works. Takes a little muscle to operate, so

that usually confuses them also :)


Viewofdash.jpg (47317 bytes)

This pic shows the 120 MPH speedo and the Autometer 2300 tach

installed in the gauge housing. It is pretty easy to install, and literally

drops right in. It is much more accurate than the stock tach and looks

better than the blank cover that was originally covering the hole there:)


Autometertach.jpg (50166 bytes)

Closeup of the Autometer tach in the dash. This tach responds faster

than any tach I have seen. The dial is backlit, so it looks great, even

thought the color of the light is a different shade than the stock gauges.



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