Pictures of the 385 with AFR cylinder heads and the Pro Flo Injection.

motor1.jpg (81596 bytes) 

Almost complete! This view shows the engine ready for most of

the accessories. The AFR heads are a work of art . The ports are

beautiful! The look like they could flow plenty of air and fuel.

Nothing like a fresh small block for eye candy :) The water pump

is an Edelbrock aluminum unit. I seems to help cool the beast,  has

given no trouble, and it looks better than the stock castings. The mini

starter is one of the better parts I have bought. I had to put it on when

I was using the god-awful 305 heads which were giving me over 10.5:1

compression. The stock starter couldn't hack it when the temperature

was way up there. This starter has worked perfectly for over 5.5 years



            motor2.jpg (92099 bytes)             

Close up of rockers and injectors. I have used these rockers for

a few years now and have had no troubles. They are Crane Cam

Energizers. The injectors in this picture are 30 lb/hr. units. I have

since switched to 24 lb/hr from Ford Motor Sports. The Ford injectors

are the same as the GM, but cost only $200 for a set of eight. The engine

likes the 24 lb. injectors better for part throttle response, but I haven't

been to the track yet. I also added an adjustable fuel pressure regulator to

fine tune the mixture in addition to the programming options. Aint injection

great? Sure sucks up a lot of money though!



motor3.jpg (75224 bytes) 

View with no intake. This shows a little of the intake ports. They

are port matched by AFR to work with the Victor Junior style

intake the Pro Flo Injection uses. The heads are the only new parts

in the picture! I am probably not using half of the capacity of these

heads. They flow enough air to support over 550 horsepower, but I

estimate this one is putting out 425 or so with the restrictive headers

and exhaust system. But, it is faster than most other cars on the street and

can run in the mid 12's without breaking a sweat. I can't prove it with dyno

numbers, but it appears to have major torque output. I would guess that the

torque peak might well be 450 lb/ft! The roller cam and these heads really

pump up the low and midrange torque.



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