This page shows pictures of the rear seat bracing I made.



Rearseatbraces.jpg (53376 bytes)

This picture shows the lower left fastening point. The hole was

already there, on a little tab. This is the same on both sides.


Rearseatbraces1.jpg (52588 bytes)

This picture shows the drivers side of the bracing. It makes

an X shape, meeting on top of the center vertical. There is

a bolt where they meet to make two separate triangles in

addition to the bracing supplied over the length of each piece.


Rearseatbraces4jpg.jpg (63076 bytes)

This picture shows another view of the drivers side mount.

Each brace is exactly 3 feet long. This was easy since the

metal strap came in 6 foot lengths. I merely drilled a hole

one inch from each end and bolted them in using the pre-

existing holes on the bottom and drilling the two top holes

and the one through both braces and the center vertical.



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