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Burnout.jpg (36195 bytes)

Me and my 1987 Monte Carlo LS doing a burn at the track :)

(Sitting low with drop spindles!)

Here's what it looks like doing a 1.787 sec. 60 foot time. This is with drop spindles and stiff sway bars! The front suspension looks like it is in full droop. Click on the picture for an 800x600 version. (and no, the big guy behind the car is not pushing down on the rear! :)  )


launchthemonte.jpg (79232 bytes)

This is how to get a hole shot on a hot Cobra :) He lost, of course!

The two pictures above are stills from my Digital Camcorder (Canon ZR).

G-body Frame Bracing pics and ordering info.

Bump Steer mod page

Steering shaft mod with Astro Van U-joint

Ride height pics of the LS with its new springs

Moog spring Charts for  G-bodies and other info

UB Machine upper control Arms pics and info

Engine pics of the 385 and previous 355

Steering box details and pics of 12.7:1 constant ratio internals

Dodge Intrepid cooling fans installed in a G-body

Cool pics of a Rodneys 1970 Pontiac Catalina with Impala SS rims

List of mods I have done to the LS

Bob Morris's steering info page

Power Steering Pump mods page

Pictures from NMCOA 2000 Convention

(Thanks to Andreas and Paul C.)

Pictures of my rear seat bracing

Pics of an Autometer 2300 installed in a Monte Carl gauge panel

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